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Our Custom Nail Services are designed to make your hands look fabulous.

Gel X Nail Extensions

Full set starting at $80

depending on length and shape.

Fill starting at $50

Gel X removal starting at $25

Gel-X is a "soft extension," meaning it artificially lengthens your nails but still feels flexible, not hard, plastic-y, and molded from, as the name says, gel. This is an iteration of the same material that you would get during a typical hard gel appointment.  The benefits are perfectly matching nail shapes and lengths, durable long lasting nails.

Hard Gel Nails

Full set starting at $75

Fill starting at $50

Hard gel removal starting at $30

Hard Gel is a product that is very similar to acrylic nails.  The nail extension is sculpted using a thick gel product which is then cured in the UV nail lamp to set.  This product stands out for folks whom are hard on their nails, perfect for those who have their nails in water, or chemicals often.

Acrylic Nails

Full set starting at $75

Fill starting at $45

Acrylic removal starting at $30

Full set of sculpted acrylics on fresh clean nails.  Please note that short, heavily bitten nails, nail issues, and other nail salon products on your nails can require special care.  Give me a heads up I will curate and design the service specific to your needs or nail desires.

Gel Polish Manicure

Starting at $50

Gel removal starting at $10

Treat yourself to a manicure. We start with the genial removal of the current gel polish, taking care of the cuticle and free edge.  Reshape the nail to desired shape, prep and polish the nail with fresh gel polish, finishing with relaxing hand massage and cuticle oil.  Please note nail Art  requires additional time and cost.

Fiber Gel Manicure
With Gel Polish

Starting at $50

Looking to have your gel polish last a bit longer?  Fiber gel is an underlay product that acts binding agent ( base coat) adds thickness to the natural nail, firming the nail.  Adding thickness to the nail allows the gel polish to last longer, natural nail grows, and gel polish won’t chip or lift.

Add-ons to Your Service

Would you like to enhance your nail experience? Simply add these options to any nail set.

Nail art starting at $15

I charge based on the art requested and the time it will take to execute (please feel free to text your inspiration photos so i can be certain it can do the nail art of your dreams).


Chrome nails starting at $5

French tip starting at $10

Nail repair starting at $10

Have a nail that is chipped or broken?  Is your next appointment a little too far off to wait? Schedule a repair, we will do a basic repair (if there is simple nail art I will repair the art, hand painted detailed art may not be able to be repainted). 

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